'AVI' is the name to a certain type of school period. There is AVI C and AVI D. AVI C is about documenting (analysing) while AVI D is focussing on photo and video edditing. In this page you can view the video animations I have created with Adobe After Effects and Premiere for AVI D, mind that the language used in the videos is Dutch.

The first video is called 'Short Title Sequence' and can be found HERE. It is a title sequence for a cooking interview.
The second video is a motion graphic for a known Dutch poem, which I have also created using Adobe After Effects and Premiere. It can be found HERE.
The third video I have created is another title sequence, although this time it is quite a bit longer and using way more visual effects. The last two videos were made to practice for this video. The third video can be found here HERE. It is a title sequence for a book.