The HANze Experience


The HANze Experience is an application created for musea, or actually it isnt only an application, it's an experience with an application. The reason for creating the experience was: Less and less people visit musea these days, especially people around the age of 21. Our goal was to create something for musea to attract these people again. The application was the base of this experience, which you van view by clicking the photo above. Mind that the application is only a prototype and does only work in one way, it doesnt offer multiple options.

As said the applications is not the only thing, the idea was to operate the application using a multitouch table placed in the middle of a room. Above the multitouch table is a 'holograph pyramid', made of glass, placed on a upside-down television. The television is playing a hologram video which has been created by ourselves. This video is displaying commodities traded in the application, as 3d-models. Placing a pyramid onto this video makes the video being played as a hologram inside the pyramid. In the trailer both the 'experience box' and the application are presented.

The voice-over for the in-game help option has been created by me, using a professional condensator microphone and a voice-changing program.